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Full XML Portfolio Template V4

Русифицированный flash шаблон "Full XML Portfolio Template V4"

FLA | XML | SWF | PHP | JS | CSS | 20.25 МБ

Демо русифицированного шаблона

File Features:

  • 13 Great Modules!
    1. Slideshow Module
    2. Projects Module
    3. Traditional Gallery Module
    4. Scrolling Gallery Module
    5. Video Gallery Module
    6. MP3 Player Module
    7. Contact Module
    8. Staff Module
    9. Simple News Module
    10. Traditional News Module
    11. Simple Text Module
    12. Text + Image Module
    13. Text + Sections Module
  • Each page can have its own background
  • Can use jpg, png, swf, gif or FLV as your background
  • Easily customizable navigation/subnavigation bar with XML – very easy to change the colors
  • The navigation bar will grow to the size depending on how many links you have
  • All text is styled by a singule CSS file
  • Ability to link to other modules within text areas
  • Special character support
  • All site configurations, main links and sublinks are contained with 1 XML file
  • All modules have seen improvements since v3
  • All scrollable areas have scroll wheel functionality (PC only)
  • Can have your own background music, or it can be disabled easily
  • Ability to load your own SWFs
  • Contains the necessary fonts
  • PSD files provided
  • Easy to read Help file
  • Fullscreen

Template Specs:

  • Flash 8
  • ActionScript 2
  • XML
  • PHP (contact form)
  • CSS
  • All source files included


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