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Slick Full Website Template with CMS Black Skin

Русифицированный flash шаблон "Slick Full Website Template with CMS Black Skin"

FLA | XML | SWF | CSS | JS | PHP | HTML | 37,5 МБ

Демо русифицированного шаблона

Advanced PHP CMS Preview

Front-end (to preview changes) : http://flashtemplate-01.oxylusflash.com/
Administration Panel : http://flashtemplate-01.oxylusflash.com/admin/
Username : demo
Password : demo

Modules :

- Main (container) : sliding hide-away dynamic horizontal menu with nifty effects, tooltip music player with playlist, fullscreen button, resizable to browser resolution, deep-linking engine, individual loading for each section, user swf support.

- Homepage : dynamic horizontal thumbs slider with motion blur and tons of settings regarding size of images, distance between images, links to open (should use deeplinking in order to point to portfolio pages) as well as dynamic introduction text/titles.

- Advanced Banner Rotator : this module can be used as an alternative to the homepage or as a showcase, it supports resizing, motion blur and tons of other options. It can rotate external image files as well as animated swf flash files.

- About us (content display) : unlimited text that supports html formatting, nifty scrollbar and also an image slideshow with many customisations. If you wish, you can also remove the image slideshow and enlarge the textfield to full size.

- Our Clients : this module can be used as a links module with unlimited photos and dynamic tooltip. Look forward to quite a few customisations in the xml here as well.

- Latest News : news module that supports unlimited items, scroll and popup descriptions that can host unlimited html formatted text as well as next/previous news browsing. It could of course also be used as a blog or any other section that uses the same two level structure.

- Job Openings : this module can be used for job listings or many other similarly structured sections. As an interesting feature we can mention the apply to job form that also supports file uploading.

- Contact us : this module acts as an advanced contact form and contact info display. The form supports the attachment of files.

- Portfolio : the portfolio module has a three level structure, with categories (ex. Web Design), projects and a gallery for each project. Each level has unlimited items so you have complete freedom. The details display also supports video (via our acclaimed ez video player that is included)in addition to photos.

- Services : this module is much like the content display module with the difference that it supports subcategories.

- Media Gallery : Fully fledged gallery that supports albums, unlimited items in each album, media type icons, html formatted description etc. It can display both photos and video (and mp3 music in a future update)


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