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Creative Impulse AS3 XML Website Template

Русифицированный Flash шаблон "Creative Impulse AS3 XML Website Template"

FLA | XML | SWF | PHP | JS | CSS | HTML | 21,7 МБ

Демо русифицированного шаблона

The „Creative Impulse AS3 XML Website Template“ is a fully XML -driven, modular build and class-based multi purpose template with a wide range of possible application. You can use the template to build a company website, a personal portfolio or showcase, and customize its appearance easily to fit all of your clients needs.

Modules can be reused throughout the template and the deep-linking feature improves the SEO -capability by making every module accessible via a direct link. Its possible to rearrange the menu, add or remove items as you see fit and specify the module linked to that item. This means: Great control, unlimited combinations, awesome reusability!

Furthermore you can customize the style like colors, font sizes, etc. for every section of the template. There are literally hundreds of options available which you can but don’t have to use in order to customize this template.
Everything can be changed by simply editing XML config files with a text editor so there is no need for you to have flash installed.


  • Fully XML -driven (see some options below)
  • Main and Submenu SWFAddress Deep Linking
  • 7 unique content modules
  • Individual fullscreen image backgrounds for each menu item
  • Highly customizable via XML (colors, font sizes, etc.)
  • MP3 -player with playlist
  • Social links
  • Detailed PDF Manual included explaining all customization options (+ font guide) and installation


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