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Climhazzard Dynamic Template

Русифицированный flash шаблон "Climhazzard Dynamic Template"

FLA | XML | SWF | PHP | JS | CSS | HTML | 48.53 MB

Демо русифицированного шаблона

  • Repositioned Menu at bottom
  • Repositioned Logo at bottom
  • Page resizing optimized specifically for this template
  • Optimized code for Music Player
  • Added Fullscreen mode button
  • Added functions to pages to show images better
  • Optimized code throughout entire template for better interactivity
  • Added ‘Services’ pages
  • Added MouseWheel scrolling to thumbs list in ‘Image Gallery’
  • Improved quality of menu and sub menu
  • Features

  • Fully xml driven
  • All colors are manageable via XML
  • 8 pages including Image Gallery, Video Gallery, and PHP driven Contact Form
  • Mp3 player can have a list of songs
  • Resizable dimensions
  • Fullscreen capable
  • HTML Enabled Text Fields / CSS Enabled Text Fields
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------

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