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AS3 Imagefolio Portfolio Template

Русифицированный flash шаблон "AS3 Imagefolio Portfolio Template"

FLA | XML | SWF | JS | CSS | HTML | 11,1 МБ

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It offers a vertical scrolling image list with multiple categories, css-stylesheet formatted caption texts, gradient and image backgrounds, social icons, fullscreen-capability and an mp3 player.
A fully customizable and rearrangable menu also allows for displaying multiple html / css text pages, videos and URL -links.

This template was designed to offer the highest degree of customizability through a clearly structured, class-based object-oriented programming style in Actionscript 3 and more than 160 options all changable via a XML configuration file.
Everything you see in this template is code generated and the whole appearance can be changed by simply adjusting some color values, texts and defining your own images.

Super easy font type and special character adjustments:
Furthermore, it has never been easier to change the font type or include additional special characters. You will only have to change one single parameter and textfield to completely change the font type and character set in this template.

Important Preview Note:
When you check out the template preview, make sure to take a look at all 3 customization examples as they all offer different effects and styles. If you don’t like the „select image on roll over“ style in the first and third preview, this can also be changed to a „select image on click“ style as seen in the second (blue) preview. Note that the modules in the menu can be used as many times as you want.

Feature List

  • Vertical-Scrolling Image List
  • Gradient and Image Backgrounds
  • Multiple Categories (limited by height)
  • HTML /CSS formatted Caption Texts
  • Easy Font/Character change
  • Customizable Menu (text, video, link module)
  • MP3 -Player
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Social Links
  • Fully XML driven with over 160 XML options
  • Detailed PDF Manual included


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