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Clashing Forces Dynamic Template

Русифицированный flash шаблон "Clashing Forces Dynamic Template"

FLA | XML | SWF | JS | CSS | HTML | 43,7 MB

Демо русифицированного шаблона


  • XML Driven
  • Set main background color
  • Could be solid color or use a tile image
    1. Set visibility of tile background ( either yes for visible, or no for not visible )
    2. Choose between 11 different tiled images set in xml
    3. Set color of tile image for background
  • Use multiple images for background slideshow
  • Set color for on the left and right sides of the images
  • Background images must be 1600×520 (W x H) to fit right
  • Logo

  • XML Driven
  • Set alignment
    1. align center
    2. align left
    3. align right
  • Set x and y offset ( can be a positive or negative number )
  • Can use image file types only
  • Site Music

  • XML Driven
  • Set auto play to yes or no
  • Set a playlist, ( not visible )
  • Choose colors
  • Music automatically turns off when a video player is loaded
  • Music may turn back on when video player is unloaded
  • Main Menu

  • XML Driven
  • 2 Level Deeplinking System is embedded into menu
  • Names of SWF files determine page name in URL Address Bar
  • Choose Colors via XML
  • Load SWF files or use External Links
  • Footer

  • XML Driven
  • CSS enabled text field
  • HTML Enabled footer text
  • Choose color of footer background bar
  • Social Network Icon List

  • use as many social icons as you need
  • Set tooltip text for each icon in the list
  • Choose Colors of tooltip

  • Pages are xml driven
  • all pages in this example are uniquely designed for this template
  • HELP files instruct how to duplicate pages
  • Refer to the help files to learn how to edit the contact form so you can get it to work for you
  • -----------------------------------------------

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