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The Fade AS3 XML Website Template

Русифицированный flash шаблон "The Fade AS3 XML Website Template"

FLA | XML | SWF | JS | CSS | PHP | HTML | 67,7 МБ

Демо русифицированного шаблона

I acquired the social media icons from a website called, komodomedia. The size I use for the icons is 16×16. Please make a donation like I did if you plan to use them. Some of the images used in this template were bought under standard licensing from photolia dot com. I could not include them in with the downloadable files. If you purchase this template, you will have to provide your own images. The videos were property of videohive and their respectful creators. I removed those from the downloadable files too. The songs were property of Audio Jungle and their respectful creators. I could not redistribute them. You will have to provide your own music as well.

Music can be turned on and off. Set it to auto start or not by changing autoStart attribute to either “yes” or “no”
Social Networking icons listed vertically to the far left
Tool tips show for Social Networking Icons
Footer is HTML Enabled as well as CSS enabled
Customize the colors via separate xml files

Background Images
Images Change Every 10 seconds
Set images order in xml
5 different transitions ( PRESET )

Loads PNG and JPEG images
Main Menu
XML Driven
Set each individual Item to load either a .SWF or external URL
Set colors of menu, ( menu items and background ) via xml
Add or delete menu items

home page
Completely XML Driven
Image Rotator
HTML enabled text fields
Images rotate every 5 seconds
Centered Module Positioning
Previous, next and pause/play buttons
Customize the colors via xml

Latest News Page
Completely XML Driven
Previous and Next Navigation
Fits 3 or less on stage, mainly to fit any resolution
Customize the colors via XML
Set the date, title, and news
Left aligned because modules are wide
Loads default images by setting an attribute for each item to yes or no

About Page
Image Rotator changes images every 5 seconds
HTML Enabled Text Field
Mouse Wheel Scrollable Text
Customize Colors via xml
Use CSS to style your links
Center module positioning

Single Video Player
XML Driven
Set to 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio
Customize colors via xml
Toggle Fullscreen / Normal view
Toggle Sound On / Off
Toggle Play / pause
Fade in controls on mouse_move: Fade out after 2.5 seconds

Services Page
XML Driven
Set title and service text
HTML Enabled Text Fields
Change colors via XML
Next / Previous Navigation

Team Members Page
XML Driven
Previous / Next navigation
Centered Aligned Module Positioning
Change colors Via XML

Plain Text Page
XML Driven
HTML Enabled Text Fields. You can use HTML in the text fields
Style your hypertext links with CSS
MouseWheel Enabled scrolling
use Images and Color your text, change text size, use lists with bullets, text can be bold, italicized or both

Slideshow and Text Page
XML Driven
HTML Enabled Text Field
CSS Can be used
Image Rotator changes Images every 5 seconds
Change colors Via XML

Contact Page
XML Driven
Change colors Via 2 separate xml files, one for contact form, and the other for the contact info
Change content via 2 separate xml files ( same as above )
Centered Module Positioning
PHP Driven
Video Gallery
XML Driven
Set to 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio
Customize colors via xml
Toggle Fullscreen / Normal view
Toggle Sound On / Off
Toggle Play / pause
Fade in controls on mouse_move: Fade out after 2.5 seconds
Previous / Next Navigation between video items
Advanced coding for fullscreen and normal screen differences
Turns off main site music when loaded
Turns main music back on when unloaded


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