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Universal Full Template with Shop CMS white Skin

Русифицированный flash шаблон "Universal Full Template with Shop CMS white Skin"

FLA | XML | SWF | JS | CSS | PHP | 73.5 MB

Демо русифицированного шаблона

Advanced PHP CMS Preview:
Administration Panel : http://flashtemplate-03.oxylusflash.com/admin/
Username : demo
Password : demo

Modules Overview

There are 14 modules included in this template and you can use them in any combination. Most importantly you can use the same module as many times as you want (for example 5 instances of the Gallery module). You have the freedom to arrange them in any order and place some of them in drop-downs to save space. Now, let's quickly go through each of the modules at your disposal.

1 - Main Module

110 Unique XML/Admin Settings.
In the main module you can completely control the two level drop down menu, expanding mp3 player with play list, expanding social links, fullscreen button, top and bottom graphics, copyright text (html formatted so it supports links etc.), generic modules positioning, animation time and type and many many more. You can also control the shopping cart display that can be on top (menu), bottom (footer) or both like the previews and has a ton of options.

2 - Shop (E-commerce) Module

69 Unique XML/Admin Settings.
The e-shop module has the ability to show an unlimited number of items, supports categories, quick searching, sorting by price/date/name/sales, order ascending/descending, it also supports ad labels (ex. new/hot). Also included is a cart manager where you can change the quantity, remove products and then confirm your order. Paypal checkout is used for payment and you will be able to see and manage all the orders in the admin panel. There's much to be said on this module, but just check out the preview and the admin demo and you'll see what it can do for yourself.

3 - Multi Media Gallery Module

76 Unique XML/Admin Settings.
The media gallery module is quite powerful, it can show images, uploaded videos, youtube videos, music (with album art) as well as animated flash files (swf). It supports categories (unlimited), an unlimited number of items in each category, html formatted descriptions and has many customization options in the xml. A cool feature is the fact that there are multiple resizing options in flash, which means you can use a certain default size and upload a different size thumb and flash can either resize it or animate it on mouseover to the correct size.

4 - Portfolio Module

82 Unique XML/Admin Settings.
The portfolio module supports unlimited categories (ex. web design, corporate id etc.) as well as unlimited projects in each category. Each project has a html formatted description and it's own multi-media gallery that can show images, video, swf etc. You can use as many items as you want in each of these project galleries.

5 - Homepage Module

35 Unique XML/Admin Settings.
The homepage module is pretty much what we though would be nice as a splash page. It has a image scroller that can show the latest projects or products, a html formatted introduction text and an a links section. Both the image scroller and links section can have unlimited items. You can of course use any other module as the start page instead of this one.

6 - Blog Module

69 Unique XML/Admin Settings.
The blog module supports unlimited categories and items and the coolest feature is that your users can easily comment on your posts. As with all the other sections the pop-up size is customizable from the xml so you can resize it to your content needs. All the content is html formatted and supports special characters, images etc.

7 - News Module

20 Unique XML/Admin Settings.
The news module supports an unlimited number of news items, resizable details pop up, html formatted text and custom date (separate field).

8 - Careers Module

59 Unique XML/Admin Settings.
In this module your visitors can see the job openings (unlimited) and most importantly apply to a position with a form that supports the upload of their resume (CV - curriculum vitae).

9 - Banner Rotator Module

14 Unique XML/Admin Settings.
The banner rotator bundled with this template is fully resizable, has some cool transition effects and it was designed so that more than enough item buttons can fit. Each item can have it's own html formatted description and since the template fully supports deep linking you can point to any section or item within the site. It supports both images and swf files. Many buyers choose to use this module as the homepage.

10 - About Module

4 Unique XML/Admin Settings.
This module is pretty much the basic content display module. You can change the title and html formatted content (which means that the content can support colors, bold, italic, bolditalic, different sized text/paragraphs, link and images). With the help of the drop-down menu you can use this module multiple times for different content sections. The scroll bar will only appear if the text is longer than the designated area.

11 - Photo Links Module

32 Unique XML/Admin Settings.
This module can have unlimited categories, optional description for each category and an unlimited number of Photo Links. Just as we named it "Clients" in the preview, you can use this module to send your visitors to your clients or sites you like or have partnerships with.

12 - Services Module

35 Unique XML/Admin Settings.
The services module can support unlimited categories which you can use for each of your services and the cool part is that you can also have a photo links slider on each category, so you can either feature some of your projects in that specifica category or use this feature for the services overview and then point to each services category description through the images. Slick !

13 - Contact Module

35 Unique XML/Admin Settings.
The contact module includes both a contact form with file upload feature as well as contact information box. It's driven by a PHP script with auto-responder (so that your clients know you care) and in the admin version you can also see and manage all your received messages (as well as receiving them by e-mail).

14 - Background Controller Module


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