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Шаблоны на русском

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Designer's Portfolio

Русифицированный flash шаблон "Designer's Portfolio"

FLA | XML | SWF | JS | CSS | PHP | 9,08 МБ

Демо русифицированного шаблона

Here are some highlights of this template:


  • All project and news thumbnails are loaded before entering the website, this ensures a smooth user experience;
  • Set the border size and color or simply switch it off;
  • With 36 xml controlled color tags, all colors in the website are controlled in an external xml file!


  • Complete freedom in the order and number of main buttons and which templates to attach to those buttons;
  • Hide the logo, insert your own logo or adjust the current logo;
  • The header adjusts its vertical position to the height of the content.


  • Use HTML to customize the footer text;
  • Toggle fullscreen mode;
  • Turn on and off the background music and set the visibility of the equalizer.


  • Turn on and off the interface sound fx;
  • Load a single mp3 or a complete playlist;
  • Listen to the music fading in and out between songs and when set to pause.


Deeplinking allows the visitor to use the back and forward button of the browser. Even more important: it’s possible to directly access a certain page or project in the website itself. All animations on the website are made to check whether a visitor has just entered the website or is already surfing it.

There are 6 available templates to use for this website:


  • Unlimited amount of news items;
  • Set your own headlines and use the cool way to scroll them through your screen;
  • Use basic HTML tags for the texts;
  • With deeplinking it is possible to directly access projects from your headlines using HTML links.


  • Unlimited amount of projects;
  • Scroll through the thumbnails in a unique way;
  • Autocenter when stopped dragging;
  • When opening a project the project is able to show images, videos and swf files;
  • Scrollbar adjusts to content height vs. screen height;
  • Music fades away when playing videos;
  • See popup descriptions when rolling over the media items;
  • Zoom in on images with a custom cursor.

Large texts:

  • Create larger pieces of text;
  • Define whether it should be divided into 1 or 2 columns;
  • Scrollbar adjusts to content height vs. screen height;
  • The text supports HTML tags, CSS decorated hyperlinks, special characters and image support.


  • Set the contact details simply by adjusting an xml file;
  • Easily customize the contact form to your needs;
  • PHP file for sending contact info included.

Insert your own SWF :

  • Be able to insert your own Flash movie to the website;
  • The scrollbar will adjust to the height of your SWF .

Use external links:

  • Easily create external links in the main navigation.


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