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Tiny – Innovative Site Template with DeepLinking

Русифицированный flash шаблон "Tiny – Innovative Site Template with DeepLinking"

FLA | SWF | PHP | CSS | JS | HTML | 46,5 МБ

Демо русифицированного шаблона

Template Features:

  • New Icon system for the Clever and Perfect Overview. Each menu, item, image, link can have an icon to help focusing for the customer.
  • Over 30 featurues in 9 Modules.
  • XML Driven, good strucutred XML Files. One for each page.
  • 3 Level Deep Linking. Share an image / video with a direct link to the item.
  • Cross links between pages, and modulels (like Link from Banner to any item).
  • Unlimited(!) amount of pages (also without menus). Add more pages, and call the via Deep Link.
  • Intelligent 3d Menu and Submenus – stop Banner during mouse is over the Menu.
  • Focus Cover – During Menu and Subscribe functions the rest of the page become a dark cover.
  • Ken Burn Banner with great functions like progress Bar, thumbnails etc.
  • Row and Block based Styles. Clean, exact and easy to edit. Over 10 precreated Examples waiting for copy edit and to publish.
  • News Feeds (ATOM, RSS , XML Controlled News).
  • 2 Different Thumbnail system for Image Galleries (Horizontal or vertical Scrolled).
  • Image Gallery with Fullscreen Image Rotator. Always fit in the browser Window.
  • Image Gallery with Slideshow and HTML Formatted Info Function.
  • Video Gallery with unlimited(!) amount of thumbnails, videoplayer also in Fullscreen.
  • Video Gallery plays FLV , MP4, YouTube videos.
  • Contact Forms with two different Layouts.
  • ROWs with fixed size, and ROWs with endless width, to create Item lists, horizontal scrolled contents etc. (see our PriceBox Example under the menupoint ”+”).
  • Newsletter Subscribe / unsubscribe function.
  • Smart loader.
  • Smart Music handling. Volume Controll.
  • Unlimited(!) amount of quotes.
  • New Backgrounds per page (colored, image based) Fit or Stretched.
  • And many more…

Banner Features:

  • Great and very exact Ken Burns Effect – Set start and end Align, zoom, offsets
  • Unique and individual appearance
  • Easy to read/edit XML files
  • Fully XML driven
  • Use your own Logo (SWF, PNG ) or just type some text in XML instead of it to put a Message on the Frame
  • Make the Editing even more simple via using the “start with banner” parameter
  • Great Live Preview Samples
    • + freebies
  • Add Next, Previos, Play / Pause, Thumbnails, Progress bar
  • 2 Font Types embeded – Arial, Verdana complette
  • Real Pause on Banner Items – TimeLine
  • CPU Friendly / Max. Memory usage can be calculated
  • Captions / Layer Items like
    • Charachter, Word, Text, Image, Buttons (PNG, JPG , GIF)
  • Add Shadow, Glow, or many other Tween to the items easy via XML
  • Use 21 Main Transitions, 29 On Stage Transitions
    • Mix them and get unlimited amount of animations
  • Easy XML customizing

Feeds and News

Due to its comprehensive Feed Reader and a special PHP proxy it can show all kinds of external content as well as as your own pages and feeds (RSS/Atom) with the included pics! And if you find an extermal content as RSS /Atom you cannot implement (we bet you wont…) contact us. Our support team will get it in!

Use the following sources of content for example:

  • Own build XML (HTML-formated) Feed
  • Own build pages
  • Youtube channels
  • Pics from Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket
  • Your or other Blogs (e.g. Wordpress, Tumblr or Feedburner Feeds)
  • Vimeo channels
  • Twitter
  • ... everything that gives you a RSS or Atom feed


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