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3D Flash Template Shurouk

Русифицированный flash шаблон "3D Flash Template Shurouk"

FLA | XML | SWF | PHP | JS | HTML | 5.38 MB

Демо шаблона на английском

Особенности шаблона:

  • Small file size
    to ensure a fast start
  • Fully XML driven
    so you don’t need to worry about having Flash software installed on your machine
  • Supports deeplinking
    so your visitors can access and share specific parts of your website
  • Ability to preload assets
    as the module loads which ensures that your visitors will not be staring at a blank screen waiting for the content to show up
  • A pack of 6 awesome modules
    and the ability to add more custom modules
  • Duplicatable modules
    by simply copying and pasting existing modules
  • Customizable footer icons
    with the ability to add more icons or remove existing icons
  • Supports different types of backgrounds
    Image, Video, YouTube video, SWF files or Tiled images
  • Ability to load a different background for each page
  • Ability to autoplay a list of backgrounds
    for the template or for each page
  • A unique and minimalistic design
    which makes the template user-friendly and easy on the eyes
  • Fantastic 3D transitions
    to make your website unforgettable
  • Ability to play audio tracks in the background
    yet the template is smart enough to mute the background audio whenever a video is being played
  • Comprehensive documentation
    and help files.
  • Unlimited is the keyword here
    ... unlimited menu items, unlimited backgrounds, unlimited footer icons, unlimited list of audio tracks, unlimited portfolio projects, unlimited everything … Unlimited Awesomeness!


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